Our Partners

The Danny Frawley Centre is proudly supported by life, health, and wellbeing insurer, and specialist, AIA Australia.

In partnership with AIA, we are offering 4 WEEKS FREE premium health insurance, a signed St Kilda guernsey, plus 20% OFF a Danny Frawley Centre membership, when you sign up with AIA Health.


As a life, health, and wellbeing insurer, AIA sees the devastating impact that chronic health conditions can have on Australians and their families. A greater focus on prevention and early intervention is required to prevent conditions from developing in the first place and to prevent existing conditions from deteriorating further. 


AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program designed to support you to make healthier lifestyle choices by providing tools, support, and incentives that encourage positive behaviours including moving more, eating well, and also completing regular health checks. Earn AIA Vitality Points through keeping active, completing online health and wellbeing assessments, and keeping up to date with your health checks.