Frequently Asked Questions

Danny Frawley Centre Community

The DFCC is the charity that powers the work of the physical facility. The DFCC vision, put simply, is to improve the mental fitness of the whole community. Through a dedication to educate, treat, coach and lead, the team at the DFCC is committed to having a real impact on the mental fitness of the community, while also empowering individuals to feel in control of their own mental health and fitness journey.

Although the Saints started this legacy, and alongside the federal and state governments brought the facility to life, the DFCC became its own independently governed charity in June 2023. While St Kilda remains a major partner and service provider, the DFCC is fully governed by an independent board and is audited each year under charity protocols.


There is a member car park for DFC members and visitors. While at peak times the car park can fill up quite quickly, rest assured that there is also plenty of street parking available.

Yes, the centre is accessible with wheelchair access. We offer ramp access in and out lift access throughout, and both pools have a ramp for entry and exit. We also have a water wheelchair which is available to the public. 


You must be at least 14 years of age to join.

14-15 years will need parental consent, and it is advised that a DFC trainer designs a specific program for them. 16+ can join the gym without parental consent.

Yes, we offer concession rates at a 20% discount.

You can update your details on the Active world app or give us a call on 8727 8904. 

Yes, you can freeze your membership for 6 weeks per year. The cost is $5 per week. If your freeze is due to a medical condition or injury, you can freeze your membership free of charge, provided you supply a medical certificate. 

If you wish to cancel your membership, we require 30 days’ notice in writing. You can 

Pop in centre and a member of staff will be able to assist.


through our website here 


give us a call at 8727 8904 and our customer service team will guide you through the process.

The cost of your membership is determined by the option and access level you choose.

View all pricing and access levels here

Gym & Health Club

Absolutely! As a once-off, you are welcome to bring along a friend. Please note that they will need to check-in at reception and complete a health questionnaire prior to using the facilities.

Unfortunately, not. The DFC staff cannot be responsible for a member’s children while they exercise.

We have gym instructors roaming the floor who are available to assist with any advice or help needed.

Yes, please! This helps us keep the DFC Gym & Health Club clean for hygiene purposes.

We have storage cubes available for members to store bags at their own risk. 

Come see us at reception! We have a lost property box behind the desk where we store anything left behind.

It is a legal requirement for all Gym Instructors/Personal Trainers to have their First Aid/CPR qualification up to date.

This will be dependent on the results/goal you are aiming for. We offer free Wellness Consultations every 6 weeks for members to go over health history, current health conditions, and put a plan in place to assist you in achieving your goals.

Between our wellness consultations and gym instructors across the gym floor, we’ll provide you all the assistance you need. Personal Training is also available on request.

With doctor/allied health written approval to train, we can support you. At the DFC, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest health standards, therefore, we ask that if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please stay home and recover. Once recovered, it’ll be great to have you back in the gym.

We cater to all levels of fitness, no matter where you may be in your fitness journey.

Our class instructors are very experienced and can adapt any class to your needs. We strive to offer both progressions and regressions throughout our programs to cater to varying levels of fitness/experience.

Aquatics Centre

Yes, our 25m lap pool is heated to 29 degrees and our hydro pool is at 34 degrees.

Both of our pools have a ramp for entry and exit (along with stairs in the 25m lap pool). We also have a water wheelchair which is accessible to the public.

Our lane availability can be found here There will always be lanes set aside in the 25m pool for public swimming. At times, the hydro pool is closed due to bookings or lessons. We will endeavour to contact all members to let them know of these bookings as and when they occur.

We have several aqua classes. These can be accessed as part of our Bronze Membership, or casually on a pay-per-class basis. Our timetable can be found here

A casual swim is $8 for an adult, $6.40 for a concession and $5 for a child. This will give you access to both pools.

Our 25m pool has 4 lanes. 2 of our lanes are flat at 1.1m deep. Perfect for walking and active recovery. The other 2 lanes start at 1.1m and grade down to 1.8m deep – great for swimming.

Our lane hire is subject to availability. Please reach out to us at with your request.

Learn To Swim

No. Swim nappies are required for all infant students. These are to maintain the health of our filtration system and water quality. 

We believe that we teach a lot more than just swimming at Danny Frawley Centre. Swimming and any lesson environment can be a scary experience for little ones. Rest assured, our instructors are trained to nurture your little ones through their class experience and help them overcome their fear should they require support.

Bathers, towels, and a positive can-do attitude.

Goggles and a cap are recommended but are not required. As students progress, the strain on the eyelids created from a faster swimming action can lead to more water getting into the eyes. We recommend goggles as soon as students are finding it difficult to put their face in the water due to fear of stinging eyes.

For our infant program (6-36 months), yes, a parent or guardian over the age of 18 is required to be in the water with the student. For our preschool program and transitioning out of the infant program, parents can be in the water to offer some support and reassurance to students for as long as needed.

All teachers have an Instructor of Swimming and Water Safety from either Life Saving Victoria or Aust Swim – along with a CPR and Working with Children’s Check.

Through the Active World App here. Details of our full sign-up process can be found on our swim programs page. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call or pop into the centre to have a conversation.

Donations & Fundraising

Yes, you can donate by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the top of our webpage. Donations are managed by Shout For Good.

Donations to the Danny Frawley Centre help us to deliver a range of things that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to deliver. 

Donations help us to develop new mental fitness programs that can be delivered to different groups, including schools and workplaces. Donations also help us provide programs at subsidised or at no cost.

Examples of what donations support include: 

  • $25 covers one primary school student to participate in a 60-minute school-based mental fitness workshop to help build their ability to prepare for and respond to life’s challenges. 
  • $50 covers one secondary school student to participate in a 90-minute school-based mental fitness workshop to help build their ability to prepare for and respond to life’s challenges. 
  • $150 covers a community member from a sports club to participate in a 3-hour workshop to identify signs of suicide and how to respond by connecting the person with mental health support.  

There have been a number of people and communities who have generously led fundraising events where funds raised go to the Danny Frawley Centre. We are forever grateful to those people and communities.  

There are several opportunities to lead fundraising events, including: 

  • Attending Spud’s Lunch  
  • Hosting a Spud’s community game where funds raised during a dedicated football round go to the Danny Frawley Centre  
  • Hosting an event (big or small) where the money raised goes to the Danny Frawley Centre.
  • Donate directly via the ‘Donate’ button on the Danny Frawley Centre website 

If you want to lead a fundraising event, please contact us at 

We do have some resources and can provide advice on hosting events to raise money for the Danny Frawley Centre.  

Please contact us at to discuss the resources available.

Danny was a fierce advocate for mental health and the need for social change within the community. A special tribute match to honour Danny ‘Spud’ Frawley is held annually.  

All money raised at Spuds Game goes to the Danny Frawley Centre to continue Danny’s legacy and support improving the health and well-being of the community. 

Mental Fitness

2 in 5 Australians will face mental ill health at some point throughout their lives. There are many factors that influence whether someone will experience mental ill health. While some of these factors are not controllable, it is possible to equip people with skills and strategies to build their mental fitness, enhance their well-being and prevent mental ill health, and better control its impact when it does occur. 

Being mentally fit is having the ability to continue to perform at your best through life’s ups and downs. Being mentally fit means you’ll get through the hard and challenging times better than if you are not mentally fit. 

Just like regularly lifting weights can help muscles adapt to physical stress, doing mental fitness activities regularly can help people adapt to mental pressure.  

There are many elements to mental fitness, and there are many ways to work on your mental fitness.  

You can build your overall mental fitness by being: 

  • emotionally fit by boosting your awareness, regulation, and health response to emotion 
  • cognitive fit by boosting your ability to be flexible and adapt well to change, challenges or complexity 
  • socially fit by fostering strong connections and a sense of belonging 
  • physically fit by adopting healthy behaviour options. 

Yes, it is possible to build your mental fitness irrespective of whether you have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  

The Danny Frawley Centre has ambitions to be able to provide one-on-one and group mental fitness support.  

At the moment, we can only provide support to build mental fitness through our group workshop delivered within sports clubs to groups aged 16+. 

 The Danny Frawley Centre is young and is still establishing its programs and services, but we hope to be able to expand our support to individuals and other groups soon.  

To keep updated on new programs and services as they become available, subscribe to the DFC by submitting your contact details below. 

The Danny Frawley Centre is in the process of opening our DFC Psychology service. Once open, you will be able to access psychologists for individual psychological therapy.  

Whilst we don’t yet have a confirmed opening date, you can keep updated on our DFC Psychology service by subscribing to the DFC with your contact details at the bottom of this webpage.

In the meantime, your GP will be able to advise of psychologists available in your area.

Community Workshops

We have several workshops available, including our flagship mental fitness introduction workshop. The introductory workshop utilizes the practices and processes that underpin our elite teams, teaching the community how to train their Mental Fitness and perform at their best on and off the field. 

We also have a range of other mental health workshops and programs. Click here for further details. 

Sports Team, Community Groups, Schools and Workplaces.

Prices vary depending on group sizes, workshop length, and location. Please contact us for a quote today at 

Yes, we do. Please contact us at to discuss your options.

Yes, we offer a range of half and full-day Danny Frawley Centre student experiences.  Please contact us at for availability  


We have a limited number of speakers available. If you are raising funds for the Danny Frawley Centre or have an event that will have a significant impact on improving the health and well-being of the community, please contact us at 



The DFC is in partnership with ISN to provide a low to no cost psychology service to the public. This partnership sees ISN Masters of Psychology students complete their placement hours at the Danny Frawley Centre, with community members able to book in a session as you would with any mental health professional. This program, which is aimed at early intervention and preventative mental health needs, allows for these sessions to be at low to no cost for the community, while also aiding the nation-wide psychologist shortage. Registered psychologists are on-site to oversee the program, with these psychologists also available to the public via a referral from a doctor or private booking.