Honouring Danny's Legacy

Danny Frawley has undisputedly earned his title as a St Kilda Football Club Champion. He displayed all the attributes of a true Saint: toughness, loyalty, courage, and heart. His qualities made his teammates stand taller and want to play beside him. However, perhaps, his most humbling characteristic was his honesty – particularly when it came to speaking openly about mental health and the need for social change within the community.

With a mission to honour Danny’s legacy and continue his work, the DFC was born. We wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcome, a space to access the tools and support needed to tackle life’s challenges, and a support network to help you Play Life Better.

Offering access to aquatics, individual & group fitness classes, recovery technologies, mental fitness coaching, and psychology services, the centre’s evidence-based and holistic approach to health and wellbeing, is world-class.

Become a Member

The Danny Frawley Centre is a brand new state of the art purpose built facility co-located at the home of St. Kilda Football Club, RSEA Park in Moorabbin, creating a place of belonging for anyone who steps foot in the doors.

Research & Translation

Our aim within the Danny Frawley Centre Research & Translation arm is to invest in innovative research to create new knowledge and translate to practise with Tangible benefit to our players and community.