Manage My Membership

Membership Cancellation & Suspension

Manage your membership via our Active World membership app or by submitting a request form below for our team to help you with your request

Suspend My Membership

Heading on holidays or looking to just take a break, suspending your membership is easy via our Active World membership app. See the how to steps in our guide below.

Change My Class

We understand that schedules change, you can change your GOswim lesson time and/or day within our app.

See all the steps in our guide below bto change your lesson. Lesson changes are based on availability.

If the student is progressing to a new GOswim level please speak to our team in centre to help you out.

Book a Make Up Lesson

Missed a GOswim lesson – book your make-up lesson to ensure you or your child continue to progress your swimming skills.

Click below to find out how to book a make up lesson.

Make-up lessons are based on availability for the students current level. Remember to let us know in advance if you cannot make it to a weekly lesson, to be eligable for a make-up lesson.

Cancel My Membership

We are sorry to see you are looking to cancel your direct debit membership with us at Danny Frawley Centre.

We have removed the hurdles to cancelling your membership, simply fill out the Cancellation Request Form below.