Aqua Aerobics Benefits

The benefits of Aqua Aerobics Classes 

Water aerobics assists in the management of injuries and rehabilitation, allowing you to exercise the body without putting stress on your joints.

Evidence supports the effectiveness of water aerobics for managing pain and stiffness, particularly back, hip, knee and shoulder pain. Including arthritis and other chronic and complex conditions which make it hard to move.

  • Burn calories
  • Build endurance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce stress on joints
  • Increase muscle strength

Our professional group fitness instructors at Danny Frawley Centre provide quality instructing to motivate you to work out to the best of your ability. With a wealth of knowledge and experience our group fitness instructors are sure to inspire you to achieve your fitness goals in a fun way!

Water aerobics classes are taken in a safe, friendly and relaxing environment – we are accommodating to all ages and abilities in our onsite swimming pools in Moorabbin.

About Aqua Aerobics Classes at Danny Frawley Centre

Aqua Aerobics classes at Danny Frawley Centre operate weekly on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9.15am.

Aqua Aerobics can be accessed casually or you can gain access to classes via our Staying Active and Premier Memberships. To learn more contact us today.