MindFit for Work’s Immersive Launch Event

On Friday, May 24th, thirty business leaders from organisations across Australia gathered at the Danny Frawley Centre (DFC) for an exclusive preview of the DFC’s brand new mental fitness program: MindFit For Work.

91% of employees believe their mental wellbeing is a top priority at work, yet only 49% receive support from their employer.

Our MindFit For Work Program has been developed with this in mind—to build the mental fitness of leaders across Australian workplaces. The four-part program is underpinned by the DFC’s evidence-based mental fitness framework and targets various aspects of mental fitness in leadership environments.

69% of people report their manager has more impact on their mental health than their doctor and equal to that of their spouse. Many businesses have recognised the need for organisational change within the space and the DFC has now developed something to assist with this.

“It’s something that really resonates with me, and what we’re doing with our team members on site at the moment—working through the mental health continuum and how we can make sure everyone’s looking after themselves.” — Vikki Venables, DC Manager, Laverton CDC at Coles

The immersion day provided participants with valuable insights into the program’s benefits, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with the workplace mental fitness initiative. The feedback from the event has been instrumental in refining the program, ensuring it meets the needs of future participants.

“Leadership of the future is creating environments that are safe and inclusive, and foster people to bring their whole selves to work. Having this investment in leadership is a wonderful offering.” — Anna Livingston, Chief People and Culture Officer at AIA Australia

“Some of the things we learnt today around being able to understand when you aren’t showing up as your best self, what those triggers have been, how you can help regulate yourself when you aren’t feeling at your best, and what tools you can draw on to help show up in a more positive way for yourself as a leader and for your team members to role model that positive behavior.” — Tahlia Weston, Leadership Development Manager at Flybuys

The MindFit for Work program, supported by the successful immersion day, is set to transform leadership and mental fitness in Australian workplaces. The DFC remains committed to improving mental health outcomes for the community through innovative and supportive initiatives. For more information on this program or to book a session, visit the MindFit for Work page.