Donate to the Danny Frawley Centre

It’s been a journey of growth and evolution at the Danny Frawley Centre over the last three years. Today is no exception.
It marks a significant moment in the DFC’s history as we are now recognised as an independent health promotion charity. Our new status means that any donation over $2 is tax-deductible, and all donations go directly towards funding a range of community workshops and specialised training. Areas of training include mental fitness, suicide prevention, positive masculinity, and race-based discrimination, amongst others.

Since our inception, the St Kilda Football Club has gifted us an incredible platform to accelerate our impact beyond what would ordinarily be possible for the health sector. We are so thankful for their support and the backing they give us – particularly when it comes to Spuds Game. This year, Spuds Game: A Match For Mental Health, will this year be played against the Brisbane Lions at Marvel Stadium on Friday, 23rd June (Rd 15). We are excited to embark on this new chapter and continue our deep partnership with the club.

The journey so far:

+ November 2020: Federal, State, and Local funding secured for the building works of the Danny Frawley Centre at RSEA Park.

+ December 2020: Stage 1 construction works commence.

+ March 2021: St Kilda Football Club announces the first annual Spud’s Game to raise funds.

+ March 2021: St Kilda and Melbourne play in the first-ever Spud’s Game, raising over $340,000 for Mental Health Programs to be run out of the DFC.

+ February 2022: Kirstan Corben was appointed the inaugural Executive Director of the Danny Frawley Centre.

+ March 2022: Stage 1 of the Danny Frawley Centre officially opened its doors boasting a new aquatic facility, community classrooms for mental health programs, and a 1000-seat grandstand.

+ March 2022: Stage 2 works commence at the Danny Frawley Centre with the vision to add a community gym, mindfulness and pilates studios, and consulting suites.

+ June 2022: St Kilda and Essendon play in the second annual Spud’s Game, which raises over $605,000.

+ September 2022: Danny Frawley Centre launches first-ever research project in partnership with Monash University’s Turner Institute focused on the role of wellbeing among high-performance athletes.

+ Year 1 of the DFC delivers:

      • 200+ Mental Health & Wellbeing Programs delivered to the community.
      • 8,000+ people engaged in programs ranging from secondary students, sports clubs, AFL athletes, and corporates. 
      • 21,000+ visits from the community to aquatics and recovery centre facilities.
      • 700+ members join the centre.

+ May 2023: Construction on Stage 2 of the DFC officially concluded, with the centre now boasting a new community gym, yoga, and pilates studios, and mental health consulting suites.

+ May 2023: DFC publishes the first annual impact report, which sees the centre focus its next 12 months on the implementation of DFC Psychology and DFC Mental Fitness Coaching.

+ June 1: Danny Frawley Centre recognised as a health promotion charity.


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