Normatec Compression Boots

At the Danny Frawley Centre in Moorabbin VIC, we have a dedicated Normatec Compression Therapy room with 10 pairs of Compression Boots available for public use. Normatec compression boots are a premium brand of compression garments made by Hyperice that used a patented pulse technology to ensure you get the results you are seeking. It is more than a leg squeeze; it is dynamic leg compression.

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What is Normatec Compression?

Compression therapy is where compressed air is used to massage your legs, glutes and lower back to provide a relaxing massage and deep pressure.

Normatec compression boots were originally founded as a medical device with the goal to prevent blood clots in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The technology was developed by a physician bioengineer to improve blood flow and speed up the recovery process. It is now a clinically proven treatment to increase circulation, reduce soreness and help athletes perform at their best.

Normatec is a pneumatic compression system, which means it inflates with air to tighten around your legs. Much like a pair of compression tights, the system is designed to improve your circulation and therefore help your body recover faster from any kind of intense exercise.

What do Normatec Compression boots feel like?

The initial feeling is like a blood pressure cuff being inflated around your ankle and foot. This feeling then subsides, and the inflation slowly works up the legs. Over the course of the session, the boots feel like a deep pressure massage over the leg. The graduated pressure is soothing, relaxing and calming. Once you take the boots off that you experience the light weightless feeling through the legs.

The Normatec Compression Boots at Danny Frawley Centre in Moorabbin VIC offer adjustable pressure intensity levels to ensure ultimate comfort.

How does Normatec Compression Work?

Normatec uses patent PULSE Massage Pattern which involves the following three techniques:

  • Pulsing: Instead of squeezing the legs to transport fluid out, NormaTec uses a pulsing mechanism which mimics the naturally occurring muscle pump within our body.
  • Gradients: Lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid backflow. The pulse technology uses hold pressures to keep everything flowing in the right direction and prevent backflow. This feature also enables maximum pressure in each zone over the legs.
  • Distal release: Static pressure can have a negative effect on circulatory flow if it is maintained for too long. Normatec uses ‘Sequential Pulse Technology’ which releases hold pressures once they are no longer needed to the backflow. This ensures that each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time between compression cycles.

Does compression technology really work?

Normatec compression therapy is clinically proven by a range of research studies. Research has revealed that Normatec aids to decrease recovery time and enhance performance through multiple factors:

  • Lessen pain sensitivity – Therefore accelerating recovery by reducing muscle soreness from pressure stimuli.
  • Reduce muscle soreness and treat DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) – A 30min session in the Normatec compression boots has been shown to increase blood flow making it a viable management of DOMS.
  • Improve blood circulation and clear metabolites – Normatec compression significantly lower blood lactate levels.
  • Decreases muscle fatigue after exercise – Increases flexibility and reduces skeletal muscle oxidative stress during recovery from heavy resistance training.
  • Increased range of motion – Normatec rapidly enhances acute range of motion with less discomfort and time

The company states that the fundamental benefit of the Normatec pneumatic compression system is increased circulation. More blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles, helping them move better and recover faster.

Who can use Normatec Compression Boots?

Normatec Compression Boots are used by a wide variety of people. There are very few contraindications, meaning they are perfect for many people for a range of various reasons. Some ways people use Normatec Compression Boots include:

  • Before sports training or competitions
  • As a post-sports event recovery method
  • Post gym session or after high intensity training
  • On any occasion where an individual has undergone extensive leg exercise
  • After spending extensive periods of time on your feet or standing up.

Compression boots can also help people who experience excess fluid build-up and poor circulation in their legs, such as people who sit at a desk during the day or pregnant women.


Use of compression boots appears to be safe for most individuals, however, individuals with cardiovascular issues or cardiovascular disease and/or individuals with low blood pressure should consult their GP or local physician first. If you have any other medical conditions, please speak to your GP or local physician before using the compression boots.